Convert your sketch to HTML code with Sketch2Code: Microsoft AI


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Yesterday I was going through different articles as usual and one site attracted my attention.

It is a brand new AI project from Microsoft called Sketch2Code and it is absolutely free of cost.

What is Sketch2Code?

As the name suggests, it is a site which converts your sketch into the HTML code.

You can transform any hands-drawn design into a HTML code with AI.

So if you have a sketch made for a Mockup -> just upload the picture on this site and your HTML is ready.

It is really awesome and unique way of using Artificial Intelligence.

How it works?


  • Once the process is done, you can download the HTML code.


There are some samples on the site to start with.

For example, I ran the sample sketch and the site created very nice HTML for that:


It is really nice and free product from Microsoft.

Below is the basic flow if you are interested to know how it works:


You can get more information from here:

Please note that, Your picture may be used to improve the underlying AI.

Hope it helps.


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