Infosys interview questions for experienced .Net developers


Below are some of the most important questions which were asked during Infosys interview recently.

  • Tell me about yourself

This is the best place where you can showcase yourself. Tell as much as you can about yourself which should highlight all your achievements but that too in very short words. Do not stretch it for so long that interviewer gets bored.

  • Explain the architecture of your current project

  • Write a program to swap 2 numbers, if you will be able to achieve it using the third variable then he would ask it to di it without using the third variable

  • Tell everything about OOPS

In this, you should tell everything you know about OOPS, each and every concept which you know

  • How to achieve load balancing in SQL Server

  • Tell me about the SDLC methods you have used

You can explain each and everything about Agile here

  • Different methods for passing data from controller to view in MVC

  • Explain different state management techniques in .Net

You can explain all state management techniques of Web forms and also explain the same for MVC

  • If you reset IIS then will it reset all application data?
  • How to know, how many times an object is initiated?

By using a static counter in the constructor. Explain by writing code

  • Explain the life cycle of .Net

  • Explain the life cycle of MVC

  • Explain all the joins in SQL

  • Explain about Clustered and Non clustered indexes in SQL

  • Difference between function overloading and function overriding

  • What are Telerik controls, and why do we require them?

  • What is Ajax and write a sample code of Ajax call in Javascript or jQuery

  • Difference between stored procedure and functions

  • How jQuery is better than Javascript?

I will be adding new questions if I get to know it from somone, meanwhile you may also add them in below comments.




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