Dependency Injection in MVC 1.0(ASP.NET Core)

Please note that below post would be more clear for those who already know what Dependency injection is. As we all know that things has been little changed in .Net core and things has also been changed the way we suppose to register all of our services that we are going to use as DI. … Continue reading Dependency Injection in MVC 1.0(ASP.NET Core)


JSON with camel case in MVC

  Yes, the wait is over. I have heard it manytimes why MVC does not support Camel Case serialization. As workaround people used to use ServiceStack or Json.NET. But as per recent announcement, MVC 1.0.0 now serializes JSON with camel case names by default. How? Before it was something like below: public class Person { public int Id { … Continue reading JSON with camel case in MVC

Moq in Asp .Net core

UPDATE on 15th October 2016: Moq for .Net core is now available on Nuget and you can get it via below command: It means the setting mentioned below are not required now. UPDATE on 20th October 2016: Moq Nuget version 4.6.38-alpha worksfor .Net core- but e.g. 4.5.3 doesn't work, that complains that Moq 4.5.3 supports … Continue reading Moq in Asp .Net core