This blog is Ranked as one of the Top 60 .Net blogs on the internet by Feedspot here.

My name is Neel and I’m a  Developer with around 5 years of experience of real-world software development in different domains.

I have worked for some Fortune 500 FinTech companies like S&P Global and MasterCard.

I was part of the News team at S&P Global where I was a Full Stack developer.

I am currently working on an awesome security product called AttachingIt.

Apart from that, I have worked for Tatvasoft and Insigno Quipment.

I love to learn and best way to learn is by helping the people, so during my free time I used to spend time on StackOverflow and currently I am among Top 4% overall on StackOverflow.

I am among Top 4% Overall on StackOverflow and among Top 1000 on Csharp-Corner.

I am a Hackathon enthusiast and Finalist of SBI Hackathon 2017.

I love writing the code in Javascript, jQuery as well as code in C# in web forms, MVC and Windows Applications as well.

I love challenges and I am always ready to take a new one.

I have worked with SQL, LINQ, Entity Framework.

I have experience of working with Agile.

If you want to contact me then just mail me at Neel.bhatt40@gmail.com.

If you are interested writing a post on this blog then have a look here: https://neelbhatt.com/guest-posts/

Stack Overflow developer story profile: http://stackoverflow.com/users/story/1997103

My LinkedIn profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/neel-bhatt-a2291159

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