Guest Post program: Welcoming recently joined authors

From September 2018, I have opened the gates for the guests to publish their articles on my site and I am glad to announce that 4 authors have been joined till now. If you are also interested to be a guest author then have a look here. This post is to welcome all the authors … Continue reading Guest Post program: Welcoming recently joined authors

Publish Angular 6 App To Firebase

Introduction We are going to learn to publish an Angular app using Firebase by following these steps. Publishing the site using Firebase is pretty easy. There are so many ways to publish our Angular app but Firebase makes it very simple and much faster to publish. Why we choose Firebase Firebase is a mobile and … Continue reading Publish Angular 6 App To Firebase

ChatBot With Azure Authentication – Part One

BotApp | AuthenticationWebApp Highlights of the article series How to register an app with Azure Active Directory? How to get the access token using Azure Active Directory authentication? How to register a bot application with Azure Bot Service? How to user Bot State Service to save user conversation state data such as access token? Prerequisites … Continue reading ChatBot With Azure Authentication – Part One

Amplitude 2017: A MasterCard Hackathon

MasterCard is going to conduct one of the biggest hackathons of India on November. Name of the hackathon is Amplitude 2017. The theme of this Hackathon is #CashLessBanoIndia. Name of the theme is self-explanatory, the main focus of this hackathon is to come up with the ideas which will encourage people to use digital payments instead … Continue reading Amplitude 2017: A MasterCard Hackathon

Automatic Data refresh in Quicksight

In my last post I have covered insight of Amazon Quicksight. It is here. In this blog we will see one more powerful feature of Quicksight which is automatic data refresh of any of the data sets you have chosen on Quicksight. Let us have quick introduction of Quicksight: Amazon QuickSight is a fast business … Continue reading Automatic Data refresh in Quicksight

Text to speech utility

We all become lazy sometimes when we get long emails. But at the same time we had to listen to them as the mail contains important information. If I tell about myself, then I grasp fast if someone speaks to me instead of reading something which is very long. And after talking with different people … Continue reading Text to speech utility

MVC6 (.Net core) applications are self hosted : Optional IIS integration

All ASP.NET Core applications are self-hosted. Yes you read it right! So does it mean IIS is not required? Yes, I mean we can host MVC6 application even without IIS. Wow...but How? I assume you have already downloaded .Net core from here. Next step would be to create sample MVC6 project. For now you can … Continue reading MVC6 (.Net core) applications are self hosted : Optional IIS integration