Automatic Data refresh in Quicksight

In my last post I have covered insight of Amazon Quicksight. It is here.

In this blog we will see one more powerful feature of Quicksight which is automatic data refresh of any of the data sets you have chosen on Quicksight.

Let us have quick introduction of Quicksight:

Amazon QuickSight is a fast business analytics service you can use to build visualizations, perform ad hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from your data. Amazon QuickSight seamlessly discovers AWS data sources, enables organizations to scale to hundreds of thousands of users, and delivers fast and responsive query performance by using a robust in-memory engine (SPICE)

Quicksight has launched scheduled data refresh just before few days which can be achieved as below:

  • Go to Your data sets page
  • Choose the data set you want to refresh
  • Click on Schedule refresh


  • In Schedule refresh window, click on Create
  • Now select as per your requirement (Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc)



Now you can ensure that your SPICE data sets, analyses and dashboards are always in sync with your source data.

Happy coding!


5 thoughts on “Automatic Data refresh in Quicksight

  1. Hi Neel,

    Thank you for this information, If we want to automate data refresh hourly then what we need to do?



    1. Hello Shubhangi, as per my understanding hourly automatic refresh is not yet available. I will let you know here if I come across anything related to hourly refresh but ideally, there is not an option in the drop-down as of now.


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