What is Machine Learning?

Ever wondered how an app like Amazon, find products that you might be interested in buying? Or how does Netflix give you amazing recommendations that perfectly align with what you like? Well, the answer to both of these questions is simply, Machine Learning. In a world that is constantly looking for ways to reduce human … Continue reading What is Machine Learning?


Machine Learning And Human Learning

The funny thing about machine learning is that it closely seems to mimic human-learning algorithms which when studied closely(by a human:), could help him to learn even more, and that could eventually enable them to make better machine-learning algorithms and on and on…~ Sushant Singh Rajput. I always wonder how erudite was he! Nonetheless, although … Continue reading Machine Learning And Human Learning

Machine Learning to prevent Future Disaster

Truly, Machine learning holds the potential to solve and predict the upcoming calamity with its predictive analysis. Not only this, but it can also assist the team by letting them know about the level of damage. Natural calamities are imminent like Cyclone, flood, storm, tsunami etc cannot be avoided by humans. However, there’s a belief … Continue reading Machine Learning to prevent Future Disaster