Skip Identity server login page for Azure AD(Auto login)

source: Medium

In this article, we will see how we can skip Identity server 4 login page if we have integrated Azure AD with identity server 4.

First let me explain the problem and then I will explain the solution for the same.


We use Identity server 4 for authentication and we have integrated Azure AD with Identity server 4. Which means if the user provides the tenant Id of thier Azure then they can login with thier Azure credentials in our system.

Problem we faced is, everytime user had to enter email address in our indentity server’s login page and from there our system identifies if the user is Azure ad user or not, which adds one extra page which wanted to skip if the user is Azure AD to avoid filling loing page twice


Solution is very simple. We can pass identity source provider as acr_values as explained here:

Basically just concentrate on this part:

So if you have named Azure AD as identity source provider – aad then you just need to pass below values as acr_values

idp: aad

Here we have aad source provider used for AzureAD login.

Hope it helps.


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