Free e-book for Azure tips and tricks


I am writing this post to let you all know that there is an awesome free E-Book available for Azure tips and tricks.

This book is basically a combination of different daily posts published by Michael Crump.

The free book is available here:

The download would start as soon as you click the link.

What will you learn

  • Different tips and tricks for Azure
  • Web Dev tips w/  App Service
  • Working with Data
  • Test web apps in production with Azure app service
  • Load testing
  • App settings and App services
  • Data migration tools with Cosmos DB
  • Upload download files
  • Serverless tech w/  Functions & more…

It is not a paid promotion. I have started reading the book and I find it very useful.

It is completely free so go and grab it now.

Along with this, you can find many free online Azure training here:

Also, have a look here for free Azure book for architects from Microsoft:

Happy learning.


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