Archive for .Net Conf 2019 presentations and sessions

You might have followed .Net Conf which is one of the biggest conferences for Microsoft technology stacks. I wrote a small post for .Net Conf before few days which you can find here.

Even though you might have followed some sessions from .Net Conf, it is very tough to catch all the sessions as they were arranged during week days and back to back.

But do not worry, Microsoft has kept all these sessions in one place so that you can check them as per your convenient time.


Beth Massi from Microsoft tweeted about this and as per the tweet, you may find all the presentations from here:

Session recodings

Microsoft Channel 9 tweeted about the archieve of all live sessions for .Net Conf 2019 which you can find on Youtube here:

Local events

.NET Conf is partnering with organizers around the globe to bring you 221 local in-person events between September 23 through the end of October. Check out the list of local events here:

Hope it helps!


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