Handpicked Useful posts: Microsoft Tech stack

Microsoft USEFUL posts

You can find all .Net core posts here.

From today on wards, I am starting a series in which I will put together some useful posts from different people from the community.

I would not be able to post the links everyday but I will hand pick all the useful links which are recently published and will post them together whenever I would be able to.

Below are some recent useful posts(August, 2018):

  • A post on disabling parts of .Net Core Identity from Damien, which I re blogged on my blog as well:


  • A post which elaborates a tool for exploring dependencies in .NET projects. This is interesting, check it out here:


  • Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.08.10:


  • In this post, Ankit creates a Single Page Application (SPA) using the server-side Blazor concepts with the help of Entity Framework Core database first approach:


  • Create your own Azure chat bot:


  • Checking if your Windows Forms applications are ready for .NET Core 3.0:


  • Adding Serilog to the ASP.NET Core Generic Host:


  • Seeding Related Entities in EF Core 2.1’s HasData():


  • Angular Console – An UI for Angular CLI


  • NuGet.org starts repo-signing packages:


  • Run Azure Functions in a Docker Container:


Interesting Video from On.Net:

In this episode, Anthony Chu comes on to talk about how we can get started with ASP.NET Core SignalR. He also shows us how the Azure SignalR Service allows us to easily scale our real-time connections


Hope it helps.

You can find all .Net core posts here.



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